Household Appliances

  • Drain hoses and hose connections for washing machines and dishwashers
  • Anti-slip feet and mats
  • Sealing and sealing
  • Bellows and bellows
  • Vibration and shock absorbers
  • Refrigerator sealing
  • Different garden applications like water hose or garden equipment etc


  • Bed springs and slatted slatted caps
  • "Soft Touch" handles and functional elements for furniture
  • Coverings
  • Sealing for the sanitary
  • objects and "Soft Touch" parts of all kinds
  • Garden furniture and accessories
  • Ice cube maker

Electrical and Electronics

  • Injected seals for electrical and electronic housings
  • Telephone and mobile phone parts and housings
  • Seals for lighting systems and electronics housings
  • Vibration and noise insulation for electrical and electronic accessories
  • Buttons and switches
  • Cable management and flexible cable insulation
  • industrial plugs and connectors for housings

Industrial Applications

  • Steering rollers, Tires
  • Sealing for toolboxes
  • Handles for tools and power tools
  • shock and vibration absorbers for electrical tools
  • Hoses and hose connectors
  • Valves and diaphragms
  • Tunnel seal


  • Handles for sports equipment
  • Diving goggles and flippers
  • Helmets and shock absorbers
  • Eyeglass frames
  • Golf article, Golf car’s parts