TerraBio (Bio-Based Polymer)


Alterra brand disposables provide high quality, sustainable and renewable products for the food industry. All Alterra brand disposables products are made using a high starch content bioplastic material. Our blueprint for change is in taking products traditionally made from 100% petroleum based materials and making the same products with up to 70% renewable materials! Our products make a significant contribution to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and oil dependency by drastically conserving resources, all while promoting rural economic agricultural growth and development.


Resins are made from renewable, natural resources such as plant starches and sustainable biomass alternatives including wheat chaff, rice hulls and corn stover. Alterra Bioplastics now owns all the patents and related intellectual property associated with previously named Cereplast Compostables and Sustainables lines of resins. We are offering those resins under the Alterra brand as both pellets (for injection molding) and as extruded rollstock for thermoforming.


Compostable resins are made from renewable resources and are ecologically sound substitutes for fossil fuel-based plastics, replacing up to 100% of the petroleum-based ingredients used in traditional plastics. Compostable resins are for disposables and packaging including cups, straws, cutlery and bags.