Engineering Plastics

CES has over 17 years of experience in compounding Engineering Plastics ( Nylon, ABS, PC, Acrylic). We have added capability of processing Polysulfone, Peek and other exotic polymers in 2016.

Scale up

CES can scale your products from initial lab trials all the way to large scale manufacturing. Our 103 mm line in Indiana is capable of producing over 30 million lbs of TPE/TPV. Our 58, 65 , 70 and 75 mm compounding lines have total capacity of over 70 million lbs.

New Product Development

Relying on over 30 years of compounding experience and over 50 man years of product development, we can take your ideas and technology to commercialization.

Toll Compounding

CES operates state of the art Coperion lines ( ranges in size from 26mm to 70mm). Over the course of 17 years, CES has run over 2000 trials and productions for world class plastics and chemical companies.