Process Engineer

    Alterra Plastics, LLC (Seymour, IN) seeks a Process Engineer
  • to perform lab studies of steps in manufacture of new products & test proposed processes in small-scale operation, such as a pilot plant.
  • Provide ideas to improve production rates & finished product quality.
  • Assist in developing, configuring & optimizing various compounding processes from inception through production.
  • Determine most efficient & cost-effective arrangement of operations such as mixing, conveying, drying, compounding & packing.
  • Assess plant processes, take measurements, interpret data & make recommendations for improvement.
  • Troubleshoot plant polymer processing problems.
  • Monitor & Analyze data from Production, R&D & Trial Experiments.
  • Provide process documentation & operating instructions for R&D & production runs.
  • Maintain work procedures & forms related to R&D & Process Engineering.
  • Submit resume/letter to Brian Komlo, Alterra Plastics, LLC, 2213 Killion Avenue, Seymour, IN 47274.